Equal parts zombie flick, sci fi shocker, black comedy, and apocalyptic disaster movie, Hungerford is an impressively ambitious project with a huge amount of heart and passion.

UK Horror Scene

…reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project… with more than a little of the black comedy of Shaun of the Dead. Horror fans won’t be left hungry.

London Evening Standard

Directed by nineteen-year-old Casson, Hungerford is a charmingly homegrown addition to a lagging subgenre, brimming with ideas and personality. Like its young director, Hungerford is one to watch.


Hungerford is genuinely important for what it represents, not so much in the director’s prodigious talent but in the way that the project has come together.

MJ Simpson

The splatter and infesting bugs are better than any indie production I’ve seen, save maybe Garth Evan’s “Monster”.

Slack Jaw Punks

…despite its tight budget, Casson was able to make it feel like a large-scale end of the world, alien invasion film.

Bloody Disgusting

the script, visual effects and make-up for this Blair Witch style coming of age alien invasion tale are top notch.


…a hugely enjoyable and accomplished film. It pulls off the neat trick of being considerably more than the sum of its parts.

Mainly Movies

…a british sci fi rollercoaster ride – powered by passion and talent – Drew Casson is the UK newcomer to watch.

Sci Fi London

Hungerford flies the flag for no-budget moviemaking.

Screen Robot

…the maturity he has already achieved as a filmmaker and his first feature length movie can only but testify the talent behind such a creative teenager.


An impressive display of what can be achieved with some technical know how, skill and passion for movie making.

Horror Cult Films

…if Casson can produce such an entertaining, if slightly hokey, flick with such meagre resources, it’s intriguing to think what he could do with a little more.

Alien Corn

This is a brave attempt at a new take on sci-fi zombie through fresh young eyes (and a clear talent for the future) which has some nice touches.

Geek Syndicate